Starting September 2022.

Iliad. The next seminar for teachers will begin Monday, September 19, 2022 and meet Mondays 7pm-9pm until December 12. We also have an Iliad seminar for students beginning Wednesday September 21.

More Information

Iliad for Teachers.

Iliad for Students.

Summer 2022 Seminars. Live Online Seminars . The Institute offers free 1-hour live online seminars monthly. Check here for details.

Iliad. The next seminars will be held Fall 2022.

Consultations. Teachers and schools can contact the Institute via email to set up a time to speak about their community’s particular needs and goals.

Discussion groups. Teachers are invited to join our moderated Discord server to discuss the texts, ask questions, and exchange resources. To join, Contact Us with a request.

Seminars for Libraries. The Institute for Classics Education provides online seminars to introduce library patrons to the classics of ancient Greece in translation. The seminars are hosted by the library, streamed online, and presented by the Institute’s Dr. Allen. More information is here.

Reading recommendations for teachers: translations and analytical works on ancient texts vary significantly. Click here for the Institute’s position on translation and here for overviews of recommended translations for the Iliad and the Odyssey.